Lutheran Services
in Pennsylvania


Called to
and Serve
Our Neighbors.

LUTHERAN SERVICES IN AMERICA a national alliance of more than 300 Lutheran health and human service organizations, has 14 organizations headquartered in Pennsylvania.

The non-profit social ministry organizations of LSA-PA are based on a rich tradition of service to those in need.

Our Alliance & Purpose

Lutheran Services in America-PA is an alliance of organizations touching the lives of approximately one in 50 Pennsylvanians from birth through life's final moments.

Through charitable programs ranging from adoption and counseling to senior living services and hospice, Lutheran Services cares for people of all faith traditions.

Our Faith-based Strength

With the support of close to 1,500 congregations with a reported 500,000 members throughout the state, the fourteen LSA-PA member social ministry organizations demonstrate their strength and social impact through:

  • 13,000 employees
  • 13,000 volunteers
  • $900 million annual budget
  • $47 million of charitable care

Our Economic Impact - More than $1.5 billion

Lutheran Services in Pennsylvania Provides:


  • Addiction Treatment
  • Community Development
  • Disability Supports & Services
  • Disaster Response Services
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice Services
  • Housing
  • In-Home Services
    • Case Management

    • Protective Services

  • Services to Older Adults
    • Adult Day Care

    • Affordable Senior Housing

    • Assisted Living

    • Skilled Nursing

    • Senior Centers

    • Personal Care Services

    • In-Home Care

    • Life Programs
      (Living Independently For Elders)


  • Immigration/Refugee Services
  • Individual, Children, Youth & Family
    • Head Start

    • Foster Care

    • Group Homes

    • Adoption

    • Home-based Interventions

    • Individual & Family Counseling

    • Intensive Residential Services

    • Before/After School Programs

    • Education

    • School-based Services

  • Mental Health Services
  • Outreach Support Services
  • Physical Rehabilitation Services